SOS Assistance
SOS Assistance
SOS Assistance
SOS Assistance

SOS Assistance

Yearly licenses

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By using iHELP SOS Assistance (SMS Center), users can quickly and easily activates SOS alarm by calling to iHELP SOS phone number or send Text message (SMS). iHELP can also record AUDIO call (caller can explane his location and what type of problema he/she has). iHELP will automatically sends an SOS alarm with AUDIO link to ICE (family, friends), first responders and profesional rescuers. We provide FAST help!

Yearly licence provides:

  • In case of emergency, user can sends an SOS alarm via static phone, old or smart phone, smart watch, bracelet or SOS button...
  • Activates by calling or sending SMS to iHELP Call Center.
  • iHELP will activates your emergency contacts (ICE), profesional rescuers, first responders and iHELP users in radius 500 meters.
  • Audio Call to iHELP can be record and send to your ICE, rescuers or first respnders.
  • Full web access to your iHELP digital health record.
  • Adding medical data in different languages.
  • Doctors can receive your medical data.
  • 24 / 7 / 365 access to your medical data.
  • Add your emergency contacts - ICE (family and friends).
  • Medical reminders.